Sustainable Sourcing

Sustainable Sourcing

Golden Hill Ingredients works with its supplier partners around the world to offer its U.S. customers safe, quality and affordable ingredients.

Through many years of importing spices and other food ingredients, we have come to understand the importance of sustainable sourcing. A practice of sustainable sourcing adds protection to the world’s ecological balance, protects biodiversity and ensures that food manufacturers are using safe and quality ingredients. To that end, we at Golden Hill Ingredients are promoting the use of sustainably sourced spices. We have select suppliers that have implemented sustainable sourcing programs and we are promoting these items to our customers.

Our suppliers sustainable initiative begins at the farm level where the product is grown, passes through the preliminary cleaning process, cold storage warehouses, transporters and on to the processing facilities before finally landing in our U.S. warehouses.

Elements of our sustainability program include partnerships with farmers under the guidance of on-location field organizers to oversee planting, efficient use of water, protection against pesticide usage, protection against unfair labor and child labor practices, avoiding degradation of soil and promotion of labor safety practices. A daily field log is kept at all of our suppliers growing locations to track the field organizer’s activities. Our suppliers also work with farms on weekly activity plans to closely follow the prescribed sustainability blueprint.

Other controls that are put in place include ongoing pesticide testing of raw and finished materials, use of lower impact seeds, minimal use of safe fertilizers, proper and safe packaging, and a full traceability program for each lot of raw material.

We are happy to provide a list of our suppliers that practice sustainable sourcing along with each supplier’s documented sustainable sourcing program upon request.